Friday, January 9, 2015

Open, Uncensored Discussion

As my blog description says, if you're tired of overly biased forums like Brooks Simpson's Crossroads blog, Al Mackey's Student of the American Civil War blog, and the CivilWarTalk forum, where the owners ban people who disagree with them or edit their replies, you've come to the right place.

I will not edit any comments. If a comment contains profanity or threats, I will delete it and warn the author not to repeat the behavior. I will not ban anyone from posting comments to this blog unless they repeatedly use profanity or make threats.

There are too many pro-Northern and pro-Southern forums where the owners will ban those who express views they don't like or will start editing their replies. Both sides are guilty of this. It is time for a place where reasonable, open-minded people from both sides can come and speak their minds without being banned or without having their replies edited. Again, as long as you refrain from profanity and threats, you can say whatever you want.


  1. As a native of east Tennessee, and a proud descendant of both Confederate & Union veterans, I look forward to to reading your blog posts!

    1. My hope is that as word spreads that people can express their views here without getting banned or having their comments edited, more and more folks will come here to discuss this fascinating, important subject.

  2. as a pro south poster I have been banned from many sites, glad to find this one.